I'm Michelle

A fully qualified NLP Practitioner and Personal Development Coach, passionate about what I do.

l've led teams in the corporate environment which involved coaching and mentoring and I've worked with private individuals to help them reach their personal goals.  This can be a health & wellbeing goal or more sensitive issues like chronic illness or cancer.

I started my career in the world of numbers and computers after gaining a Software Engineering qualification.  The corporate world is a huge lesson in team spirit, business politics, stress and work life balance.  I eventually realised that I was more interested in helping people achieve their best than in what the computer was able to achieve.  This led me to gain a qualification with The Coaching Academy, the leading UK coach training company.  I now help people redesign their own lives through Coaching.

Seeing someone transform their life over a few sessions is hugely rewarding & I only wish everyone could experience the positive impact Coaching has on one’s life.

Whether you’d like to:​

  • improve your health by shedding a few pounds

  • introduce more fitness & vitality into your weekly routine

  • work on your career goals or

  • reduce stress and anxiety levels

Maybe you’ve been through a traumatic life changing event and want to plan the next step?

Whatever your goal, coaching can help you move forward.


I am a fully qualified NLP Practitioner and Personal Development Coach, also known by many as a Life Coach.  I trained with The Coaching Academy, the leading UK coach training company.

The Coaching Academy has five external, professional and academic endorsements and accreditations. These currently are:
• International Coaching Federation (ICF)
• The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)
• CPD Standards Office
• Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP)
• Provider of Training Excellence