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My Approach & Fees

My Approach

As a fully qualified Personal Development Coach, I provide clients with an extremely confidential & non-judgemental environment.  This allows you to explore all your options.

By working together on what's important to you, looking at things of true value to you, my aim is to ensure you feel supported in creating your desired life .


Throughout each coaching session,  I will help you unlock your potential and maybe even come to terms with some limiting beliefs or blockages that are holding you back.  I truly believe that the coaching journey is one which teaches and transforms and I, wholeheartedly, believe in progress rather than perfection.

Progress is made through slow, simple steps and you will take these in and between each coaching session.


No-Cost Discovery Session – What is it?

I offer a No-Cost, 20-minute Discovery Session, to allow us to check in and explore what you would like from coaching and whether I'm the right coach for you.


How can coaching benefit you?

Through the use of various coaching tools and techniques, I work with you to find ways where you can reach that place where you feel content.  Sometimes it's about reaching a goal, sometimes even exceeding one. I celebrate your uniqueness and what your needs are.  


It can all be done in the comfort of your home, through Zoom or phone, so there is no need to travel.


I regard confidentiality to be of the utmost importance, offering all clients a safe and secure environment in which to explore their thoughts.

Coaching works in many situations including:

  • progressing with your career goals

  • stepping back, taking time out and smelling the roses.  That can be a goal too!

  • reaching your ideal weight

  • finding a healthier work/life balance

  • introducing more exercise into your life

  • improving self esteem

  • managing stress & anxiety

  • coping with chronic illness

  • eliminating certain foods from your diet (like sugar or gluten)

Some of these things may sound simple yet we spend years trying to tackle one or all of these.

There are many reasons why ‘New Year’s resolutions’ are broken after 21 days and, similarly, any goals you set for yourself in life.  Here are just 3:

1. They’re not defined properly.

2. They’re not recorded in some way.

3. There isn’t enough support along the way.

How long does it take? 


We are all unique, with unique goals and desires.  Some of us require more coaching in order to achieve these.  On average, about four to six 1 hour coaching sessions are required to make a real difference. We will review this after each session and remember – YOU are ultimately in the driver’s seat.

You decide the next step.

Are you ready to discover how much you can achieve with the right support?


Whatever it is that you're ready to discover, contact Michelle.

Email or fill out the contact form below.


From £95.00.  Discounts for multiple bookings.



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I am a fully qualified Personal Development Coach, also known by many as a Life Coach.  I trained with The Coaching Academy, the leading UK coach training company.

The Coaching Academy has five external, professional and academic endorsements and accreditations. These currently are:
• International Coaching Federation (ICF)
• The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)
• CPD Standards Office
• Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP)
• Provider of Training Excellence

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