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Coaching to eat less Sugar, Gluten or Dairy

Welcome and thank you for stepping inside.  This shows that you are on a quest to find an eating routine that is kind to your body and leaves you feeling energised.  One that's also enjoyable because let's face it, we need to enjoy the food we eat.  


Maybe you're intolerant to gluten, dairy or sugar or you'd like to slim down.  Maybe you're just looking for more energy and clarity of mind.  Whichever it is, eliminating sugar, gluten or dairy (or all) has helped countless people gain more energy, eliminate brain fog, lose weight and reduce inflammation and other chronic ailments like eczema, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis etc.  The list goes on.  

I was one of the unlucky ones to be born with an allergy to dairy products.  I couldn't digest it in any form and when I tried (because I loved chocolate, adored ice-cream and drank milk by the gallons), my body would literally be covered in a rash.  It has taken years to wean myself off the 'dairy' addiction and I'm so grateful to have discovered some great, yummy alternatives.  

The way agriculture is going, I'm not surprised at how many people are experiencing these intolerances, Sadly, it's having an adverse affect on our health and I do feel passionate about helping solve this dilemma.  This is something I can certainly help you with in my coaching sessions.

I've been through a major transformation in my life, trying to find an eating routine that works for me. It has been slow and even when I found the solution, sticking to it required an enormous amount of willpower.

Deciding what to eat and what to avoid, is really just the first step.  I probably don't need to tell you about the different gluten free, sugar free or dairy free diets out there.  I'm sure you already know about these.  You may read the books, buy the magazines and possibly even watch the dvd's.  You are, no doubt, an expert in these areas.

There is, however, another type of change that's required and this is to truly engage with what you're eating, in a way that's lasting and sustainable.  You want to make the changes to your diet but you also want to 'stick to it'.  This change really does require a shift in thinking.


We look at how you can 'stick to it' in my coaching sessions.  

Things like :​

  • What do you want to achieve in the long term?

  • What are the short term, med term and long term benefits to this?  

  • What really motivates you to achieve this?

  • What obstacles are you facing?

  • Who stops you from achieving more?

  • What if you didn't have to change, how would that affect your life?

and many more....

Throughout my coaching sessions, I use numerous tools and techniques to help unravel your personal roadmap to success and these will be tailored specifically for you.

It's all so exciting because we will work on discovering 'what changes you'd REALLY like to make' and then 'how you can do this' - one step at a time.  This really is about helping you move forward.

The Advantages of my Coaching:

  • You do not have to attend in person to successfully work towards a healthier you.

  • Coaching can be done via phone or Skype

  • The technique used involves a relaxed, non-judgemental conversation between coach and client to determine your -

    • values & beliefs,

    • core priorities in life

    • what's important to you right now

    • what you're motivated to change in your life

    • how to navigate barriers and obstacles

    • setting some achievable goals around what you really REALLY want

  • Week on week we will - 

    • work through where you are and where you want to be

    • work on getting you there faster than if you were doing it on your own

What's in it for you?

  • Inflammation is the result of many food intolerances and allergies and reducing this inflammation can significantly reduce health risks.

  • Phone and Zoom coaching is easily accessible - you save time and money on travel costs

  • Changing your diet to one that's more healthful will, no doubt, reduce other related health risks like diabetes, obesity and heart disease

  • The program continues for six weeks.  This increases the success of you achieving results.

  • You discover what worked and what didn't work for you

  • A change in diet can be a seesaw of highs and lows.  Coaching supports you through these.

  • You can share your successes and celebrate your achievements but we'll also work through the tough times.

What next?

To take the next step in working towards an thriving eating routine that benefits YOU -

Pop your Name and Email in the section below for a No-Cost Discovery session. 

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