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Michelle Lynette Coaching
helping you move forward
for your Personal Development


Health & Wellbeing 

Health & Wellbeing is integral to everything we do, everyday.  Without it, we lack the energy, drive and confidence to achieve in other areas of our life.  It's the cornerstone of success.


Coaching through Illness

Where there's a desire to work towards optimum health & happiness, coaching provides the tools & techniques to help.   The support of a coach is also instrumental in helping you navigate this change.


Personal Development Coaching

Coaching helps you assess your values & beliefs, your strengths and weaknesses.  This is where the power of personal development takes shape.  Awareness of who you are at your core and deciding where you'd like to place yourself in the world.


Career Coaching

Coaching is effective in helping you move forward by looking at what professional goals you’d like to make or meet.  Whether you’re feeling ‘stuck’ and need some answers or whether you’d like to stay on track. 

It also helps you build relationships with colleagues, managers and team members.

My Approach

As a fully qualified Personal Development Coach, I provide clients with an extremely confidential & non-judgemental environment.  This allows you to explore all your options in an open and honest space.

By working together on what is important to you, looking at goals and targets that are truly of value to you, my aim is to ensure you feel supported in creating your desired life .

About me

I'm a fully qualified Personal Development Coach, passionate about what I do.

l've led teams in the corporate environment which involved coaching and mentoring and I've worked with private individuals to help them reach their personal goals.  This can be a health & wellbeing goal or more sensitive issues like illness.

Therapy Sessions

Getting Help

Below are just five of the areas I work with.  I truly believe that everyone has something they'd like to improve in their life.  With the  world changing at a fast pace, we're constantly having to keep up and change with it.  Coaching helps facilitate this journey and my role, as a coach, is to help you find the answers within and to support you on this journey.


Personal Change






Coaching through Illness

Weight Loss and changing eating habits





My Coaching experience with Michelle was amazing.  My goal was to eat sugar free foods to support my healthier eating.  The result was over and above my expectations.  Michelle really opened up my thinking and I am now far more adventurous and creative in my food preparation.  One thing I really liked about Michelle was her excellent memory in reminding me of things I had mentioned in previous sessions.  I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a health and wellbeing coach.

Miriam Cuddihy, Surrey

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